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Ditto band

ditto band

Gary Santarella

Acoustic guitars, vocals,

978 821-1786

& Roger Kimball

Electric or acoustic bass, cello,

978 373-1236

DITTO is available as a duo or 5-piece band, and features the mainstream classic music of James Taylor, Neil Young, Harry Chapin, Simon and Garfunkel, Crosby Stills and Nash, The Beatles, and many others, showcased by the perfect blend of acoustic and electric instruments and voices. Electric bass, cello, acoustic guitar, and harmonica lend appealing visual interest while creating a big sound, often compared to that of a full band.

The name "Ditto" alludes to the fact that we strive to reproduce the sound of the original artists, especially the singers. Please have a listen.

Gary Santarella

Gary has been performing across New England and South Carolina, either solo or with his band, for over 40 years. He has recorded original music since 1982 in recording studios in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Throughout his career he has performed or interviewed at many radio and TV stations, including WAAF, WCGY, WZLX, WLLH, KISS 108, and Worcester Television.

Roger Kimball

Roger has performed on cello and bass throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe and the Middle East with numerous ensembles and orchestras, ranging from Classical symphony to pop legends Carly Simon and Brad Delp, including some of the "oldies" such as Frankie Avalon, "The Shirelles", Little Anthony, and the late Del Shannon, to name a few. He has worked as both a bassist and cellist in recording studios in Miami, Nashville, New York, Providence, and Boston.


978 373-1236

978 821-1786